Hi there, I’m Miriam..

…. and I live in Northumberland with my husband, our two children and our very old and grumpy rescue dog.

I grew up in a coastal village in Spain where I enjoyed a simple and outdoors kind of life. I clearly remember the smell of the sea and the warmth of the sunshine; the beach was definitely my favourite place. It was like a market full of free, fancy shells and stones. There was always something interesting to take home, much to my mum’s dismay. My drawers were like an arts and crafts shop and I used to love experimenting: making cards for my family, clothes for my dolls, decorations for the house…

I would have loved to study Interior Design at Uni, but at the time I felt an urge to learn languages so that I could travel and experience new things. And so I embarked on a languages degree and ended up in England where I became a teacher. Then, a few years ago, whilst helping my husband set up his own photography business, I found myself really enjoying being part of it. I was able to visit some fantastic venues, source props and meet some wonderfully creative people who love what they do. Their passion was almost contagious and it reminded me of my youth, the creative and determined me, the inspired and inquisitive person I used to be.

So, after many years of trying to focus my creativity, I finally came up with this little business venture and this is how The Artisan Wedding House was born. And here I am, learning new things, feeling inspired, making, creating, finding myself drawn to those special little details and being more me.

I hope you like what The Artisan Wedding House has to offer.